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Garage doors are an important entry point into most households and they therefore need to be strong enough to keep away intruders. Garage door repairs to replace springs, when done regularly, will clear any existing problem with garage doors. If every homeowner knew how to replace their own garage door springs, they would manage to save good money. While it is important to have repair work done by a professional, learning how to do it by yourself is a long lasting remedy for spending a lot of money on home repairs. Garage door spring replacement is easy and when done regularly, can be done in under 10 minutes. Here is a guide on how to get started repairing one’s own springs; The first step is to take measurements of the door springs so that the correct size of replacement can be sort. The process of measuring should take approximately 3 minutes and involves measuring them without having to loosen or remove the springs. If you get the flexible springs, there is no need to have an exact measurement because the size with adjust to the appropriate measurement.

To avoid replacing springs every time, a 1-spring system can be upgraded to a 2-spring system since the weight of the door will now be balanced on double instead of single spring. Having decided to make the adjustment, the measurement taken must be converted to conform to the new system. The frequency of spring replacement should depend on factors such as,

If there is a malfunction in the garage door opener, it means that the smooth opening and closing of the door will be hindered. This causes the spring to be under intense pressure such that the only remedy is to get it out and pit in a new one. Jamming of the spring when operated should be taken as a sign that it is worn out and will not work effectively. Another sign that indicates that it is time to replace springs is when they begin to sag. You will know they are sagging because they will normally be coiled tightly together when closed. When the door is open, the springs become straight and this separates the coils.

If any sign of separation is present when the door is closed or sagged when opened, it is time to replace the springs.
Replacing garage door springs must be done but with a good maintenance schedule, the frequency of replacement can be minimized. A good maintenance schedule should involve bi-yearly cleaning and lubrication.

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