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A garage door or gate will fail to open or function as expected for several reasons, but the most common cause for malfunction is the garage door springs. These springs work as a balance that ensures the door opens and closes with ease. Unfortunately, over time, the weight of the door will take a toll on the springs and force them to break. This will make it hard for you to open or close the garage door. It is therefore essential that you inspect, repair and replace the springs in case of breakdowns. Here is a concise look at garage door springs:

Spring cycles

Garage door springs are rated according to cycles. This basically refers to the number of times the spring will be used before it finally breaks down. Most springs used by commercial gate repair contractors especially when doing a replacement, have a 30,000 and above cycles rating. This means that if you have a garage door that is used for at least 5-6 times daily, you will get approximately 11 years of service before the spring finally breaks.

Garage door springs

Most residential garages use two main types of garage door springs: the extension and the torsion springs. A garage door or gate that uses the extension springs have a spring fitted on each side of the door that stretches to allow the gate to open and bounces back for the door to close. Doors with torsion springs have a single torsion spring fitted above the door and a spindle that runs through the door. The torsion spring clamps down on the spindle to open the door and uncoils to shut the gate. It is essential to point out that in case of a problem with torsion spring doors, you will require the help of a garage door repair professional. For the extension door springs, you can do the repairs by yourself but it is advisable to always seek the services of an expert.

Garage door spring repairs

How will you know when your garage door springs require repairs or replacement? There are several telltale signs that your garage door repair time is now. For example, if the garage door opener fails to lift the door, when the door hangs at an awkward angle, and when the door opens with a loud noise. These are indicators that you should seek the services of a garage repair expert. You might be tempted to do repair it yourself, but you might not do it perfectly or you might even damage it further.

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