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Reader matter:

My ex-boyfriend left myself but wouldn’t normally go more than five to seven days before he’d contact or content me personally. However generally start texting as he was actually intoxicated, claiming he had been “so sorry.” Whenever I learned he had been with an other woman, but touching me, I slashed all communication.

The ex along with his woman go out of their way to behave acutely caring around myself, yet I was informed they continuously battle publicly whenever I are perhaps not around. The ex has actually gone as far as to provide me personally a little shove from behind and then claimed the guy failed to understand it was me personally.

Why is my personal ex doing this? How does he act that way as he dumped me? What do I do to produce him stop and merely move ahead?

-Kristin (Wisconsin)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

The real real question is “exactly why did he split with you?” had been he utilizing it as an influence in order to get something else away from you? There is no question he is still attached with you, but their inebriated messages and community shows made to invite the jealous interest tend to be an unhealthy replacement for honest discussion.

If you enjoy him and believe you will find however some thing indeed there, phone him and deal with all their behavior. If he still states he’d choose to remain split up, then you are straight to not take their phone calls, abstain from him publicly, and move ahead. He does not understand what he desires.

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