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Roll up garage doors are becoming more popular among property owners across the World due to their convenience, and versatility in offering security. This kind of garage doors functions by moving vertically before gathering into a roll successfully. In order to operate effectively, strong hinges are used to join several horizontal panels in place for easy rolling. Roll up garage doors are commonly used in warehouses, self-storage facilities, godowns, and commercial garages among others. These doors are commonly made of aluminum, wood, fiberglass or heavy-duty steel. Roll up garage doors can either be in form of insulated or non-insulated versions. Commercial roll up garage doors is normally designed for extreme functionality and productivity using more enduring materials for convenience purpose. Surprisingly, each commercial garage door can weigh in excess of 400 pounds.

With increased cases of burglary and other break-ins, many people are installing roll up garage doors in their residential homes for maximum protection and security. Residential roll up garage doors are best known for their ability to keep intruders away.


2 Types of Roll-up Garage Doors

When considering installing a new garage door or to simply replace an old one, choosing the right roll up garage door is very important. There are two common types of roll up garage doors. They are;

  1. Sectional Roll Up

This roll up garage door comprises of a minimum of 4 high-quality horizontal panels hinges. The aim of these hinges is to allow easy rolling on a track up as well as enable the roll up door to store itself on the ceiling of your residential garage effectively. The beauty of sectional roll up garage doors is that they offer property owners with extensive exterior décor options. This type of door is ideal for residential applications.

  1. Rolling Steel Roll Up

A rolling steel roll up garage door is mainly designed for commercial use. Nevertheless, it is common to see these doors in residential garages particularly in wealthy neighborhoods. The door is designed to roll up and store itself by forming a role above your prestigious commercial/residential garage door opening. These doors are not only trendy, stylish, classy and elegant but also durable.

What are the advantages installing roll up garage doors?

Some of the most common advantages of roll up garage doors are;

  • Convenience: Roll up garage doors are thought to be very convenient particularly when programmed to simplify the owner’s access. You can easily control your garage door remotely which makes it convenient for you especially during harsh weather conditions. With your roll up garage door’s simple yet effective and convenient access, you can rest assured that your valuables, business or home are well protected.
  • Timesaving: Looking for a perfect garage door? Well, roll up garage doors are your best option due to their effortless closing and opening ability.
  • They take limited Space: With roll up doors, you will have sufficient space in your garage. You will never have to worry about risking damaging your posh car when moving in/out or even parking it.
  • Provide maximum protection: Installing roll up garage doors ensures that all your business and valuables are 100% safe.

Due to their size, weight and complicated nature, roll up garage doors are not installed by every Garage door company. Whether you want a residential or commercial roll up garage door, you need to hire a highly experienced professional garage door installation contractor to do it.

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